Sunday, January 30, 2011


A great game that has gotten a lot of recent fame is Minecraft. It is a survival based
game in an 8-bit randomly generated level. This purpose of this game is to harvest
resources by day and survive the treacherous 'creepers' by night. In the game the game
you will find what are called 'blocks' which are different resources that can be put together
by what the game calls 'crafting'. For example: putting two wooden shafts and three stone
blocks together (in a certain design) gives you a pick axe, which can be used to mine
more precious ores, which make different resources. This game is undoubtedly one of
the most addicting I have ever encountered. Bellow is a starter guide I found while perusing
the interwebs and you can visit the site here to start your adventure. The game only cost 15 euros,
or about $20 dollars, but it is worth every penny.

League of Legends

To start off with the relocation of my daily technology updates I'd like to
show you a brilliant PvP type game I've been playing for quite some time now.
It's called League of Legends and basically it's a World of Warcraft look-a-like
without the continuous character profile. In that game, you play a series of 3v3
or 5v5 type game matching, with the object being to destroy the other teams base.
In order to accomplish this you must destroy enemy turrets on the way, and level
by slaying 'minions', which are AI creeps that spawn from the bases at a given interval.
I'll definitely give more information on this game later on, but till then check out their
website here.